Founder & CEO

Alain has 25 years of experience in Investment Banking, Capital Markets, Private Equity and Venture Capital. Having held senior positions with Deutsche Bank and BNP Paribas across multiple asset classes and more recently as COO/CIO of Waha Capital. Alain has a wealth of experience sourcing, structuring and managing investment risks. Combined with his insatiable curiosity and drive for knowledge, Alain has the ability to shape and execute on his vision.



Founder & Chairman

Bassim has 20 years of experience as a successful global entrepreneur, at the helm of 10 companies in financial services, telecommunication infrastructure, real estate and logistics. Bassim demonstrates a continuous ability to think outside the box and attract talent and investors to join him on his ventures. As a technology entrepreneur, Bassim brings invaluable experience and expertise to Knuru. Through his technology foothold in 35+ countries and his network of like minded entrepreneurs Bassim has crafted a unique approach to investing in the space.




Victor has more than 15 years of experience in Investment Banking and Venture Capital. Prior to Knuru, Victor was Senior Partner at TMT Advisory and Investments firm Delta Partners where he led Technology Investment banking globally where he garnered exceptional experience in sourcing and shaping technology investments in EM and Europe. Victor is an INSEAD MBA, he set up a high growth advisory boutique in Spain and has been actively investing in  early stage start-ups over the last few years.




Raymond has 3 years of experience in venture capital leading and assisting in the assessment, management and exit of investment opportunities in emerging markets in covering advertising, fintech, education and commerce. On the operating side, Raymond was in charge of scaling fund operations, participating in recruiting, managing investor relations and leading the development of marketing materials.

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